Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sweet Saturday Night Drive

My new job which I've been working a month now is in Nashville, not Clarksville. It's about a 55-mile commute either way. But the commute is worth it, because I love the work and I love to listen to the radio while I drive.

This past Saturday -- the final one of July of A.D. 2011 -- the drive back was especially pleasurable. I'd had a good shift at work, followed by a jaunt to nearby 3rd and Lindsley to listen to and watch Jonell Mosser sing. See my post at "Musings about Music City" for details.

As soon as I go in the car for the return trip to C'ville I tuned in to WSM-AM 650 for the final hour (more or less) of the Grand Ole Opry Show. As almost always, it was superb listening pleasure, and as usual I often tried to picture what it must be like to actually be in the Grand Ole Opry House to see the show.

Riders in the Sky hosted final half hour, so it was even more sweet -- I do lu-u-uv my Cowboy Music (aka Western Music)! And there was an "Opry Moment!" You see, dear reader, the last artist to come onstage was no less than the legendary Coal Miner's Daughter, Loretta Lynn. Part of what made it an "Opry Moment" is the extended time she got to sing on the venerable stage. The long-time members of the cast get to sing one or two songs, maybe three if hosting a segment. Generally it's only the current super-stars like Brad Paisley or Martina McBride who are allowed more than three songs But Loretta sang a medley of two of her hit songs of years past, then one of Patsy Cline's hits. She finished up -- or so we tho't -- with "Coal Miner's Daughter" to thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

But hold on, folks! Ranger Doug of RitS asked Loretta to encore, so she sang a fourth song (a fifth if you count the medley as two). And received plenty more applause and standing ovation!

By the time Loretta was wrapping up "Coal Miner's Daughter" I was pulling into the driveway of my current residence in C'ville. But I didn't want to miss a note of this "Opry Moment" so I stayed in the car and listened until RitS (Riders in the Sky) closed out the final Grand Ole Opry of July.

Sweet Opry Moment! Thanks, Riders and Coal Miner's Daughter!