Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Uplifting Commencement to the New Year

The Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Twelve began in a great way for yours truly. Very spiritual and very uplifting.

Perhaps it was that the first day of 2012 fell on a Sunday, but regardless, I commenced this New Year rather differently from recent ones. No, I didn't stay up to watch that infernal ball drop in Times Square or sing "Auld Lang Syne"; I went to bed at my usual hour like I usually do every 31 December (I'm talking around 10pm.).

Now, I had avoided making New Year's resolutions for some years, figuring what's the use, since these generally get broken shortly anyways. However, I sensed a need to go ahead and make a short list this year, and so I wrote it down.

Furthermore, I decided that, it being also the first Lord's day of the year I should attend not one but two worship services. Back in A.D. 2000 when I worked for the Census (I also worked a special Census in 1995), my team leader was a member of Clarksville's Hilldale Church of Christ. We had team meetings in the church library room, and I attended Sunday evening worship at the church at least twice. So, on that whim I chose to go to evening services at Hilldale.

I'm so thankful that I did! Did I say "on a whim"? No, it was surely more "by the Spirit's leading!"

Preacher Steve Kirby, who was there the earlier times I'd attended, preached a "dynamite" sermon, very timely for a New Year's Day service. And he used a unique, interactive format. His topic was that in 2012 we try to do less of a given negative and more of its opposite positive. After each of the six points he had the song leader lead a hymn that reflected that particular point. What a strong way to get the point across and have it dig in!

On other different thing I did on this New Year's Day was something I hadn't done since moving into 660 Martin. Dear reader, while I was at Sunday morning worship at nearby Madison Street UMC during the Lord's Supper the organist played an endearing instrumental medley of songs I associate with the Walk to Emmaus and/or Kairos Prison Ministry. This prompted me to, upon returning to the "boarding house", to break out my guitar and play a few such Emmaus-Kairos songs.

Yes it was indeed an uplifting commencement to the new year!