Monday, September 26, 2011

A "Li'l Ole House" Yes!

For the past three years (plus a couple of months) my lodging has been in dwellings that in some manner or another could all be labelled "transient housing" or temporary lodging. This applied both in Nashville and in Clarksville. From a converted-to-apartments motel to a currently-operating motel to a group home for veterans, none was intended for a life-long stay.

But just now I've moved into a real house!

Now to be honest, my ultimate goal is to move back into the family home elsewhere in the Queen City. But for now a funished bedroom rented in an older house with a charming "old-school" living room and in the midst of improvements being done elsewhere in the structure, will do fine!

The house is on Martin Street, very close to downtown C'ville. On the main floor are my bedroom, a master bedroom with bath, that sweet living room (featuring a fireplace with mantel), dinette, kitchen and new main bathroom. Upstairs is an attic bedroom, and in the basement is a separate apartment and the laundry room. The room are all comparatively small, like the house itself, and there is some mess from the on-going home improvements. But I've made myself at home here.

I've even made my first contribution to the general welfare. I have a couple of fly-swatters I received as souvenirs at events I attended at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. They are red and shaped and detailed like little guitars! Since I had more than one I gave one to the house; it currently hangs as a decoration in the living room of our "li'l ole house".

Flies, beware!