Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Good. . . Better. . . and even Better!

The title for this expresses how I feel about life since my mid-month move (back) to Clarksville, Tennessee. My life's eventfulness is becoming like the Energizer bunny -- it goes on and on! Here are the details:

Good: my living environment took a major positive turn over my last one, in Nashville! The place where I'm lodging, Patriot Place, is a family-style house in a residential neighbor-hood -- complete with a "pocket"-park (small neighborhood green space with playground features) next to it. And if it's a group home, it's a small-group home (capacity six men). I like the other three men currently living here, all military veterans. Even tho' two are Navy and one Marine, I like them! Indeed, amazingly, I feel closest to the jarhead! "Jarhead", for those unfamiliar with military slang, is a term denoting a U.S. Marine; it's usually pejorative but I call Ralph that to his face as a term of endearment.

Better: I was interviewed for a State of Tennessee job I had applied for while still living in Nashville. I was called back to the State Capital for a second interview, which took place Monday morning. Second interviews are always a good sign in a job search! The fact-to-face took place in the Capitol Building, which in my firm opinion is the most beautiful and unique of all capitols in these United States, with the Secretary of State in his office. I was nervous while traveling on IH 24, but felt at peace and at home during. AND. . . at mid-day I received a phone call from HR offering me the job! Whoopee! ! !

Even Better: I've spent time with family. Clarksville may be comparatively "provincial" (my daughter's opinion) if sized against Music City or especially San Antonio or Houston. But it has one enormous advantage over any larger city: there are kinfolk in and around. Most important -- immediate family. I spent the afternoon of Fathers Day at the family home, and thoro'ly enjoyed it! It made me very glad I figuratively took "the last train to Clarksville!" Hip! Hip! Hoo-ray! ! !

Now. . . as for details on the State position I was offered:

It's a part-time security-receptionist job at the entrance to the State Library and Archives. This historic and important Art-Deco edifice is directly across the street (Seventh Ave.) from the Capitol Building, thus sits on the shoulder of Capitol Hill and smack in the middle of every downtown place of import to yours truly. In addition to the Capitol, thw magnificent War Memorial Bldg., the skyscraper housing the State Museum and TPAC (for performing arts), Music City Central (the MTA depot), the public library. . . .

My primary duty will be to greet patrons upon their entering and sign them in. Also, keep aware of surroundings, such as monitors of surveillance cameras, and exiting patrons, to prevent break-ins or theft of documents (it's a closed-stack library). And if I'm closing shift, which it looks like I'll be, after 6:00pm check to be sure everybody's gone, doors are locked, etc.

And it's in a LIBRARY! My mother MUST have birthed me in one, as much as I love the stacks and the serene (altho' not as serene as formerly) atmosphere of knowledge and info. She WAS a public library assistant in Boise during my early boyhood.

My new job will be in a LIBRARY! Whoopee!

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