Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ah-h-h-h! The Divine Colors of Autumn!

Back in the late 1990s, when I briefly lived on the other side of downtown Clarksville, I usually walked across downtown to Sunday School and Worship at First Christian Church (Disciples). Now that I'm residing on Martin Street, even closer to the church, upon deciding (at the last minute, sort of) to attend church at FCC(DC) this past Sunday I also decided to walk to church -- first time in years.

What a lovely day it was for walking! Besides the "chamber-of-commerce weather", my stroll took me past numerous trees in full color autumn change. I especially noticed one tree all the leaves of which were a buttery yellow and another which sported vivid vermillion leaves.

Then came yesterday, Tuesday. After a delightful day of work at the Tennessee State Library and a little visit to the Nashville Public Library, I drove up US Hwy. 41A to north of Joelton, then hopped over to IH 24. The setting sun's rays seemingly hi-lited the vibrant leaf colors all along the way. There were several arboreal "walls" along the way, presenting any autumn hue you might name. One such "wall" in particular presented nearly a quarter mile of alternating scarlet, yellow, russet, orange, maroon, pale green of trees just beginning to change and deep green of evergreens! Glorious!

And when I exited IH 24 at Exit 11 I got icing on the cake. The sun had already set for a time, and my turning off the interstate to go into Clarksville timed with the height of the set sun's rays coloring clouds in the western sky. Some of these cirro-stratus wisps were golden, others a lively pink.

I affirm, as I always have and always will, that none of the famous painters of humanity, not even my favorite, Spain's Vel√°zsquez, has ever painted a picture to rival the picture God paints in sunsets and autumn leaf changes!

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