Sunday, October 2, 2011

C'ville: in the Greenest State. . . .

When I describe my current life situation -- specifically where I live and where I work -- to acquaintances, some express concern or even negativity about the commute. Yes, yours truly WOULD prefer a much shorter commute. But I've done long commutes to work before, both by mass transit and by private auto. So, I can live with it!

Actually, the long commute has its plusses. For one I get to listen for an extended time to music, either on the radio or on a CD.

Right now I enjoy a seasonal plus. The entire stretch of the commute between Clarksville and Nashville has woods lining both sides, and I'm unashamedly a "tree-hugger". And Autumn just began! Each day I notice more leaves have switched from summer's green to the colors which harbinger their falling.

I know the colors will be more spectacular in a week or so. But at present I'm already greatly enjoying the Good Lord's artwork. There's something about the varying shades of leafy green, interspersed with flashes of reds or yellows, that pleases my eye. Add the wildflowers of more than one species that are displaying golden blossoms in the IH 24 right-of-way, and I see a very pretty picture!

C'ville itself is nicely populated with trees, so I don't have to go far at any time from my residence to enjoy the colorful natural show. And just about every road taking one out of town takes one past arboreal splendor.

Ah-h-h-h, yes, Autumn! And dear reader, I'm enjoying it!

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